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Bite the Wax Tadpole:


America's Guide to Hosting

International Visitors


While is aimed primarily at the hospitality industry, it offers guidance and information for anyone hosting international visitors – the fastest-growing and biggest-spending segment of the traveling public in America.


The book, “Bite the Wax Tadpole – America’s Guide to Hosting International Visitors” – offers not only tips and information about cross-cultural communication but also a process for understanding what visitors might want, what makes them comfortable and what might offend them. It helps you set up your property or business to be globally friendly and encourage more international travel to your place. It helps you to help them be safe and have a fun trip with minimal headaches and confusion.


Most people who travel want to experience the rich differences in the environment they’re visiting, and many also want some familiar comfort. The goal is to find the sweet spot between the two so they have an authentic and broad experience but aren’t rattled by things they consider unappealing and offensive.


That’s the path that and the book help hosts find. 


I ... love it. I remember back when I was with Sheraton Hotels and Resorts and we were beginning to court the international visitors from Europe, South America, and Japan.  Particularly if you were in a gateway city, you had to come up with the appropriate internal language skills and cross-cultural knowledge to be competitive.  Your book should be required reading and from which each property can develop their own international receptive services plan.


Lynn Mitchell, Nevada Hotel and Lodging Association Chairman of the Board, 

Vice President of Operations, Nevada and Florida 

Soleil Management

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